Preliminary Program

Preliminary Scientific Agenda & Speakers



Updates on Cough Guidelines

Highlights of the 2020 ERS Cough Management Guidelines - Alyn Morice

Pediatric updates in the CHEST cough guidelines - Anne Chang

Issues in Cough Clinical Trials

The placebo effect in cough and its relevance to antitussive clinical trials - Ron Eccles

The ideal antitussive trial design - Surrinder Birring

Developing a consumer technology-based automated cough counter - Lucia Cesnakova (HealthMode)

Update on Antitussive Clinical Trials - P2X3 antagonists

Merck—Gefapixant--speaker TBA

Bellus—BLU-5937--speaker TBA

Bayer—Updates on BAY 1817080 and BAY 1902607—Julian Borissoff

Shionogi- S-600918--speaker TBA

Update on NaV1.7 voltage-gated sodium channel blockers as antitussives

Nocion – NOC 100 (NTX-1175)--James Ellis

SiteOne – John Hunter

Update on Other Antitussive Clinical Trials

Orvepitant – Steve Pawsey (NeRRe)

Insights into Mechanisms of Cough

CNS mechanisms regulating cough in health and disease - Stuart Mazzone

Chemosensory brush cell regulation of the cough reflex - Brendan Canning

Respiratory viruses make me nervous: rhinovirus, SARS CoV-2 and cough - Lorcan McGarvey 

Issues in Clinical Cough Management

Precision medicine approaches to diagnosis and management of refractory chronic cough - Jacky Smith

The role of the Speech-Language Pathologist in the evaluation and management of chronic cough - Laurie Slovarp

The journey of the chronic cough patient: repetitive physician visits, diagnostic procedures, and churn through the system - Heikki Koskela 

Refractory Chronic Cough: What should we do now while we await the first antitussive drug approval? - K. Fan Chung 

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