2019 American Cough Conference – Plenary Topics

Roger Dmochowski   The urinary and respiratory systems: what are the links?
Laura Dominguez   Superior laryngeal nerve block for chronic cough
Michael Benninger   Tachyphylaxis and dependence in pharmacotherapy for chronic cough: an ENT perspective
C. Prakash Gyawala   Chronic cough is associated with long breaks in esophageal peristaltic integrity on high-resolution manometry
Krishna Sundar   Update on cough and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Surinder Birring   Cough in IPF and ILD
Ahmad Kantar   Chronic cough in children: key differences compared with adults
Brendan Canning   Translational cough research: what are the best animal models and methods to inform cough drug development
Richard Fletcher   Voluntary cough sounds in diagnosing and screening for respiratory disease
Alyn Morice   Cough challenge: what it tells us
Stuart Green   Update on MK-7264 clinical trials
Jacky Smith   Update on Neurokinin NK-1 antitussive studies
James Ellis   Sodium channel modulators as potential antitussives
Maria Belvisi   Mechanistic insights into the role of ATP in chronic cough
K. Fan Chung   Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome: what is its relevance in the clinic?
Kefang Lai   Cough in China: patient profile, and importance of smoking & air pollution
Lorcan McGarvey   Collaborative/networking initiatives in cough